Professional Calamity Control for Floods and Water Remediation

AAA Restoration Utah is a full-service disaster restoration and home improvement company that proudly serves the great suburban city of North Salt Lake. We are a group of well-trained, fully committed teams that guarantees standby services 24/7.

Disaster can strike at any moment, no matter the place or time. While the great area of North Salt Lake is generally a lovely area of Utah, floods and water damage can happen when the stormy weather strikes at certain times of the year.

AAA Restoration Utah is here to help you when these unfortunate events happen to you. Our main services are all geared towards restoring your home to how it once was.

Professional Calamity Control for Floods and Water Remediation

North Salt Lake can be affected by strong winds and storms. On some occasions, flooding can also happen due to a water system issue at home.

Our technicians are fully-equipped with flood-control equipment that gets rid of the water and dries the walls, ceiling, and floor. We can provide you an estimate of replacement costs so you can inform your insurance provider.

Flooring and and Carpet Damage Restoration

AAA Restoration Utah also helps repair or replace damaged floors or ripped carpets caused by accidents, pets, movers, and any other reasons.

Our general contractors are fully licensed and insured, so no flooring task is too difficult for us to handle.

Mold Removal at North Salt Lake

Mold and mildew are not safe to remove on your own without the proper equipment.

Let our team of experts step in to properly sanitize your area of anything hazardous to your health. We also have services for pet stain removal and deodorization and COVID disinfection.

AAA Restoration Utah is a locally owned business run by locals for locals in the state. Call our technicians now when your home needs emergency repair and restoration.