Flood and Water Damage Remediation

In the unfortunate event that your property experiences a disaster in Bountiful, Utah, know that AAA Restoration is here to serve and assist you. We have been serving the area for more than 20 years. Whether your concern involves fire, flood and water damage, or mold, we provide services that can help you.

Flood and Water Damage Remediation

Water damage is one of the worst disasters your property may experience. It could ruin the house interior and leave your furniture stained. If left untreated, water damage could eventually weaken your home’s structural integrity. It may also lead to illness in the family because of potential mold growth.

Prevent any of these from happening by contacting us immediately. Whether it is a simple plumbing issue or a complex flooding problem, we will do our best to ensure that everything gets back to normal as soon as possible. Expect our team in Bountiful to come equipped with state-of-the-art technology and tools, which we will use to extract the water in all parts of the house and begin a drying process.

More importantly, we utilize advanced products and methods to ensure that your house does not become a hotbed of mold and bacteria.

In case there are parts of the house that can no longer be remediated or restored (usually the drywall or the floor covering), we can take care of removing them so you could easily replace them once your insurance claim is approved.

Going Above and Beyond for Our Clients in Bountiful

Whether your house needs water and flood damage restoration, mold remediation, or fire and smoke damage restoration, we have you covered.

AAA Restoration is a locally-owned and operated, fully-licensed restoration service provider with qualified general contractors. Our team has extensive skills and knowledge. We are equipped with the right equipment to ensure the job is quick and effective. We do our jobs right, and we help our clients get back to their life and start anew after a disaster.