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How to Deal with Sewage Backup Issue


One of the most frustrating damages you can experience in your home is when you’re having sewage backup issues, especially since it’s the type of problem that can’t fix itself. While it sounds like an uncomfortable situation, it’s important to sewage failures immediately as it could lead to blockages in your home’s water system. 

For one, it can start to overflow into the interiors of your house, which could ultimately create a health hazard and a laborious cleaning day. Because of this, the best way to avoid this issue is to prevent this from happening in the first place. 

Knowing the different signs and causes of sewage backup issues is key to prevent this problem from happening. Besides that, having a water damage company on speed dial can help you deal with the issue right away because time is of the essence with water issues like this. If it’s left unattended, you’ll have to deal with even more property damage. 

What is a Sewage Backup Issue?

Essentially, homes will have incoming water lines as well as outgoing sewer lines. These sewer lines or wastewater lines move used water from your home and usually come from your tub, toilets, sinks, and other similar appliances. 

When these waste lines get blocked, water will back up into your home, resulting in mold, water damage, contamination, and more. 

Causes of Sewer Backup Issues

Unfortunately, there are different waves of factors that contribute to sewage issues, and sadly, they’re both controlled and uncontrolled. 

Uncontrolled Sewage Issues:

  • Flooding: One of the usual causes of sewage system issues is flooding. Floodwaters can overwhelm the sanitary sewage system, which causes slower drainage, making wastewater back up into your home.
  • Clogs: Even if municipal drainage lines are broader, some city sewers can contribute to the clogs in your home lines. For this reason, you can speak to local water damage companies to investigate the issue.
  • Soil Settlement: Soil that supports your drainage pipes may erode due to heavy rains, losing supporting soil in your system. With that, it could block the flow of water in your drain and flow back into your homes. 

Controlled Sewage Issues:

  • Tree Roots: We have no control over Mother Nature, and sometimes, tree roots can grow into old sewer lines, contributing to line damage. With that, you can install better drain lines in your home and trim your tree’s roots.
  • Age or Wear and Tear: Although drainage pipes are considered incredibly durable, they still age and can deteriorate over time. Because of this, it’s best to have your pipes inspected by professionals to know if you need to replace your pipes.
  • Pouring Grease, Oils, and Fats Down the Drain: One of the biggest mistakes people make is discarding used oils, fats, and grease down the drain. This can cause buildup and blockages over time, resulting in extreme water pipe damage. 

How to Deal With Sewage Issues

Like anything, preventing issues from happening in the first place is ideal. This way, you can avoid dealing with costly repairs that may take too much time and effort. Ideally, you want to work with a reliable water damage company to ensure proper inspections take place. They can identify and diagnose certain issues and ensure that your drains perform their best. 

On the other hand, make sure that you properly dispose of your waste and look for signs of damage early on so you can take the necessary steps to save your sewage pipes.

The Bottom Line: Have A Trusty Water Damage Restoration Company On Speed Dial

Seeing that sewage backup issues can happen rather quickly and these issues need to be dealt with right away, having a water damage restoration company on speed dial is key to ensure that your home’s water system is performing at its best at all times. 

How Can AAA Restoration Help You?

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