Emergency Repair: What to Do Before a Plumber Fixes Your Broken Pipe

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January 5, 2021
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Emergency Repair: What to Do Before a Plumber Fixes Your Broken Pipe

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Navigating plumbing-based emergencies can be challenging because you are often put on the spot, leaving you clueless about solving them effectively. Fortunately, emergency plumbing services are available for your convenience and safety. But what exactly can you do before the professionals arrive to mitigate the damages? 

This article will discuss different types of emergency preparedness tips by looking at common emergency plumbing situations. Take this as an opportunity to ensure you can act quickly and keep your family safe, preventing damages from going too far. That way, you can easily rise above these mishaps and find ways to restore normalcy. 

Emergency #1: Clogged and overflowing toilets

Toilets may be a reliable innovation of modern-day plumbing, but they can be accident-prone if you fail to prioritize proper maintenance and repairs. Your negligence can result in sewage spills that can flood your house. It is a biohazard that can affect your family’s health, which is why you need to take action immediately!

When your toilet overflows, it’s best to relocate your family to a safe location. You then need to wear boots, gloves, and a gas mask since you need to make your way through the sewage and look for the shut-off valve behind the toilet. That way, you can address the issue immediately and prevent it from getting worse. However, if the flow continues, call your emergency plumber right away and shut off your home’s electrical power. 

Emergency #2: Defective water heater 

Water heats are susceptible to plumbing-related inconveniences because they are mostly hidden from plain sight. They are almost always placed in the basement, meaning there’s little-to-no foot traffic to check on them. That’s why it can be alarming to see your heater malfunction due to loud noises and pipe bursts. The real danger here is your household can get affected by property damage, flooding, and physical injuries.

The best way to address a defective water heater is to shut off the main valves and call an emergency plumber. You also need to evacuate the area and contact the fire department if you sense any fires due to gas leaks. 

Afterward, it’s best to contact disaster restoration services to help you with the water damage. That way, you can access ways to prevent any water heater-related problems in the future. 

Emergency #3: Flooded basement 

Just like the water heater, your basement plumbing is isolated, making it difficult to remember maintenance checks. Burst pipes may even be harder to take note of, mostly when you leave your house unattended. You may also end up with a flooded basement if your drainage system is clogged and needs replacements. Fortunately, there are ways to act quickly to prevent the situation from getting worse. 

To stop the water flow from the burst pipes, turn off the main water valve and let the water drain naturally. If it doesn’t drain or is taking too long, contact emergency plumbing to replace all the defective pipes. You also need to address the water damage quickly since it can endanger your household. As such, consult with a local restoration company. 


Your household’s defective plumbing can put you and your family in danger. Fortunately, you can easily reach out to reliable local emergency plumbers and water damage restoration specialists. You also now have a better understanding of what to do during common home plumbing emergencies. Remember all the previously mentioned information and keep your household safe!

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