The Process of Restoring Your Home After Water Damage
August 5, 2015
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August 12, 2015
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Common Types of Water Damages

water damges

The topic of the day is water damage. Sometimes that term can be a bit vague. There are numerous types of water damages that can occur in your home or commercial building. Here are a few common types that we have seen over our 23 years of business.

Pipes Bursting or Plumbing Leaks: Very common cause for water damages. Pipes

Rain Flooding: Rain water floods are common in Utah.

Toilet Clogging or Over Flow: This is one of the many plumbing issues that could potentially cause water damage in your home.

Sewer Back-ups: Sewer line backups can wreak chaos in a home, causing damage to floors, walls, furniture and electrical systems. They also can also create health hazards.

Foundation Leaks: Having a foundation leak can cause water to leak into your basement.

Washing Machine Failures: Washing machines can fail and cause water damage.

Sprinklers: Sprinklers are a common cause for water damages.

HVAC: Heating, ventilating and air conditioning unit’s issues.

Hoses: We are human and sometimes forget things. It is common to see that people leave their hose on for a long period of time and it causes flooding.

Natural Disasters: Natural Disasters are not something that we have control over. They can cause numerous forms of damage to homes.

Fire / Smoke Damage: Because large amounts of water are used to put out fires they can cause water damage as well.

Water damages should be taken care of as soon as possible to mitigate the damage. Call a professional to help you dry out your structure and belongings.