Flooding & Water Damage Risks in Your Home During Winter
January 3, 2016
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February 1, 2016
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Cleaning Your Carpets for the Winter Season

Winter Cleaning for your carpets

With large amounts of snow hitting the Wasatch Front a few things need to be put into consideration. First of all, driving safe and road conditions, shoveling the walkways, dressing warm and the water and dirt that will be tracked in and on your carpet. This does not mean your carpet has to suffer. It may just mean that they need a little extra attention.

With wet and snowy walkways guests will typically track in more dirt than usual. Traffic areas that are normally only slightly more stained than other areas may see an increase in spotting. So, in order to keep your carpets looking good you may need to give them a little extra care. This is not a problem if you call a professional and high quality carpet cleaning company, like AAA Restoration.

With our hot water extraction and our truck mounted systems can ensure you get all of the dirt and impurities out of your carpet. We offer additional spotting treatments as well as Teflon which will help your carpet stay clean longer and clean up better the next time. To learn more about our high quality cleaning services give us a call today and get your carpets looking great for you holiday parties!

Don’t hesitate to give us a call today to schedule your carpet cleaning. 801-263-9990.