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Cleaning Up After a Fire: What to Keep, Restore, or Throw Away

fire restoration

A fire is not only a terrifying experience on an emotional level, you must also deal with the financial devastation that follows. Deciding which items to keep, restore, or get rid of is a difficult work that you must deal with.

Identifying Furniture

Returning to your fire-ravaged home is not easy, but you have to return to identify which items are salvageable. Go through each room and floor of your house to look for items that are not covered in

soot or too severely burnt beyond recognition. Chairs and tables that are missing a leg or black with soot

must go; you are better off replacing them. Sofas, beds, and couches with the foam poking out may only need restoration or new upholstery.

Looking for Gadgets and Appliances

Data from desktops, laptops, smartphones, and other gadgets are difficult to replace. Try turning your soot-covered devices on to determine if they are still working. Appliances or gadgets attached to sockets might not be salvageable because of the damage to electrical wirings that may have led to short circuiting. Recover storage devices that may be lying under the rubble. Try to get the hard drive of soot- covered and badly burnt desktops and laptops, an expert may help you recover data from them.

Assessing the Rooms

Assess each room in your house from the basement to the attic to see the amount of damage the fire caused and identify which rooms needs the most restoration. Checking each room also helps you find items that you may recover, such as gadgets, clothes, shoes, and others.

DIY restoration is not advisable after a fire; AAA Restoration helps homeowners like you recover from this tragedy. We’ll provide full-service fire restoration to help you move on. We help with board-ups and debris removal of smoke or fire damaged items, as well as clean ups. We also offer data and electronic decontamination and salvaging.